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Applied Computer Letters (ACL)

ISSN: 2377-6242 (Print)
ISSN: 2377-8156 (Online)
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Applied Computer Letters (ACL)

Applied Computer Letters (ISSN: 2377-6242, e-ISSN: 2377-8156) publishes as rapidly as possible manuscripts of high quality which addresses eminent topics of computer science theory and applications. Being an international, peer-reviewed, online and open access journal, Applied Computer Letters is dedicate to present a world-wide forum for the dissemination of knowledge among engineers, scientists and mathematicians working in the field of computer science. Applied Computer Letters (ACL) is a collaborated publishing project under Zibeline International and Academic Research Publishers.


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Applied Computer Letters (ACL) invites you to submit manuscripts for consideration in this scholarly journal. The journal welcomes research papers, reviews, reports and other manuscript types for the related interdisciplinary areas.

Applied Computer Letters (ACL) is empowered by eminent group of editors and reviewers. The board comprises eminent scholars with extensive publications.

The Editorial Board oversee the stringent multi-level Peer-Review process including evaluating submissions, selecting reviewers and assessing their comments and making editorial decisions.