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Biomedical Importance of Cocoa (Theobroma cacao): Significance and Potential for the Maintenance of Human Health

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Journal: Matrix Science Pharma (MSP)
Author: Urban John Arnold D’Souza

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DOI: 10.26480/msp.01.2018.01.02

Over the years teaching and learning has shifted from teacher centered towards student centered learning. Internet and smart tools in addition has provided a progressive user-friendly platform for learning and gaining knowledge. Passive ways of learning no more are valid and student facilitation rather than teaching is the norm. Problem based learning is a tailored learning culture where the students are at the centre stage. Student’s design their objectives for learning and in a step-wise manner solve the problems and gain much deeper learning. It is interactive, student centered and teacher facilitated. Along with subject knowledge it prepares a student with the soft skills which are essential for future career in the industries in which they deliver their services. Problem based learning is future for the new generation as the entire educational system is changing with the availability of smart tools and internet. This shall prepare the younger generation for the industrial revolution -4 and surely lead towards a progressive and realtime learning culture.
Pages 01-02
Year 2018
Issue 1
Volume 2