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Hydrogeological and Environmental Study of Sungai Serai, Hulu Langat

January 8, 2018 Posted by Nurul In Pakistan Journal of Geology (PJG)


Hydrogeological and Environmental Study of Sungai Serai, Hulu Langat

Journal: Pakistan Journa l of Geology (PJG)
Author:Alea Atiqah, Anis Syafawanie, Anis Syafiqah, Izulalif Izhar, Mohd Zarif, Amgad Abdelazim, Anas Syafiq, Ong Qing Wei

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DOI: 10.26480/pjg.01.2017.08.11

This study was a part of the applied field course at our department. The field work was done during the weekends for two weeks and it involves several locations including Bestari Jaya, Ulu Yam Dam, Paya Indah, Sungai (Sg.) Serai some open sand mining areas and others. The methods of sample extraction and handling were taught on site. Each group is divided into these respective locations for the study. For our group which is Group 4, the location assigned is Sg. Serai area. Equipment and item needed for this study was provided by the Geology Department. These equipment and item includes the water pump, the Hydro lab instrument, the cooler, and the sample bottle. The objective of this study was to study the geohydrology of the study area and to understand the environment of surrounding areas and its effect on the hydrology.
Pages 08-11
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1